• Dorothy Hines, Ph. D.

    Dorothy Hines, Ph. D.

    An educator, award-winning writer, and writer architect. I write about race, culture, Black women, and being a minimalist. I live life to the fullest.

  • Christina Malecka

    Christina Malecka

    Founder of Screen Time Lifeline: a supportive community to help you right-size your relationship with technology and reclaim your humanity

  • David Sunkersing

    David Sunkersing

    PhD @ Imperial College London | Passionate About Improving Health and Health Care Worldwide

  • Miss Hell'N

    Miss Hell'N

    I sing, write & try to rock (my band @industrypeeps). Raise brain cancer funds to find a cure! Keeping my head above water, making a wave when I can.

  • Bärbel Andres

    Bärbel Andres

  • Sebastian Espinar

    Sebastian Espinar

  • Brigid Reynolds

    Brigid Reynolds

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