I have never had so much fun reading something so throughly depressing. But not hopeless! Thanks for the wake up call and shout out to Black women who will continue to do the MOST so that this fragile democracy can actually get some legs. The GOP´s skeletal hands death grip on the reigns of power is a sight! The people will rise but the Old Guard will go down swinging. It is not going to be pretty nor the fhe faint of heart. With courage, humor and persistence change will come.

Big Baby Trump

Trump is a big baby. There I said it so that you don’t have to. Many will object to this seemingly over-simplistic analysis. Hear me out before you roll your eyes in dismissal.

It takes one to know one.

I spent the first decade of my life as a big baby. Well, now that I think about it that is not entirely true. I spent one year and eight months, basking in the glory of my only child greatness. I was the adored grandchild, the cute baby cousin everyone fought to spend time with. I knew adoration was my birthright.

The Water Bearer, Lorna Simpson

When I was very small before anyone could tell me anything I knew something was amiss. And that whatever it was, was very bad. Caution is not spoken; it is expressed in a narrow-eyed look, a tensing of the shoulders as the head lifts slightly higher. I was born attuned to danger.

Later when I was old enough to question with more than my eyes my elders: parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles´ replies provided me a scope of the horror. Sometimes the response began with a sigh, “In the end, we are all just human.” Or they would gently take…

“When we open our eyes today and look around America, we see America not through the eyes of someone who has enjoyed the fruits of Americanism. We see America through the eyes of someone who has been the victim of Americanism. We don’t see any American dream. We’ve experienced only the American nightmare. We haven’t benefited from America’s democracy. We’ve only suffered from America’s hypocrisy.”

Malcolm X, The Ballot or the Bullet

Malcolm X wrote, “The Ballot or the Bullet” in 1964. This oft-misunderstood speech was a declaration of purpose. In it, he outlined a Black nationalist vision for…

“Selah is on the road to healing and contextualizing her own childhood, and is allowed her process, but if you come for me, come for your own mama, and those absent fathers–come for them too, your grandparents, your great grandparents, your great great grandparents, your great great great grandparents, Caribbean parents, African parents and everyone else damaged and judged for being Black and forced to conform and ‘assimilate’ to western standards of ‘order’ shaped through the filter and lens of anti-blackness. As my children mature, they see the state of the world. …

Last week I heard a story that was supposed to be good news. Various school districts across the country announced they would sever ties with the police. Let us first take a moment to contemplate where in the annals of batshit crazy ideas does a school/police partnership fall? It must at least rate a solid, “Are you fucking kidding me?” At what point is it ever okay to criminalize children? Because let’s be clear, adding police is adding an entire administrative and institutional layer of criminalization. Why were we not all rioting in the streets to protect our babies? How…

In 1999 punk drag goddess Vaginal Creme Davis directed a film called The White To Be Angry. The film is an exploration of white supremacist culture and the sometimes blurry lines between love, hate, and lust. Davis, a seminal figure in the LA punk scene was dismayed with the way white male anger replaced the anarchy and joy of the multicultural scene by prioritizing their anger over everyone else. The film was originally a concept album of the same name by her band Pedro, Muriel, and Esther aka PME.

I found out about The White To Be Angry either the…

A bus from Luanco, Asturias

My Mom, an otherwise sunny person who takes a great interest in all things, would curse while driving. When I say curse I do not mean an f-bomb here, an a*hole there. She let out a barrage of insults that would make a sailor blush. I was horrified. I never, ever wanted my mother to chaperone my fellow classmates for fear of her driving induced tirades. Whenever I tried to admonish her she would smile as if suppressing a chuckle and shrug her shoulders. Never once did she try to justify her actions, simply accepting it as necessary. I was…

Josephine Baker, Black Expatriate

The Trauma of Black Life

In the earliest years of my life, I didn’t know I was black; I just knew I was me. I didn’t remember that until I started thinking about my journey here to Spain, how that confidence in knowing myself anchored me and allowed me to move out beyond what I knew. But also compelled me to find a place where I could be free enough to be myself. The moment I found out I was “black”, like Eve, I suddenly saw my nakedness, my vulnerability and it was then I realized the place where I…

Dear White Allies,

We have reached a critical moment in the history of humanity. The most powerful nation in the world has revealed the White racist core at its heart. Black death, Native death, Brown detainment, Asian hatred is the US story that blazes across screens worldwide. Saddening the world. Haunting the dreams of those of us long gone but connected by heartstrings in the form of family and friends.

I know you are sorry. We are all so very sorry. However, your sorry is not enough.

We have no use for hand wringing. Your guilt cannot shield us from…

Nicole Pearson

I am a Bronx born, Anchorage, Alaska raised activist, writer, teacher, and entrepreneur living in Spain. Here for all things travel and migration related.

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